Areas Of Practise

Gitonga Mureithi & Company Advocates has vast experience from simple lending structures to complex transactions. We help borrowers and lenders to navigate the often-complex legal framework that govern borrowing and lending in the Kenyan economy. Our services include:
• Asset finance.
• Debt finance.
• Finance law.
• Insolvency.
• Mortgages (real estate finance).
• Project finance.
• Regulatory compliance.
• Structured finance.
• Trade finance.

Gitonga Mureithi & Company Advocates has a strong capital market practice in the Kenyan economy having acted for a range of local companies throughout the East African region. The Interactions range from handling litigation matters and advising companies on issues relating to capital markets.

Gitonga Mureithi & Company Advocates handles a broad range of corporate deals or standalone transactions. The firm advises and handles sophisticated local as well as cross-border commercial transactions. The firm collaborates with law firms outside the country to enrich the client’s experience with the legal service sought. We have vast experience in dealing with:-
• Joint Ventures Agreements.
• Outsourcing Agreements.
• Management Agreements.
• Procurement Agreements.
• Advertising Agreements.
• Consultancy Agreements.
• Product Development Agreements.
• Project Management Agreements.
• Licensing & Distribution Agreements.
• Franchising Agreements.
•Mergers and Acquisitions.
•Consumer protection law.
•Corporate restructuring.
•Investment transactions.
• Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Agreements.
• Standard Terms of Business Agreements.

Gitonga Mureithi & Company Advocates advises both procuring entities and private sector players in the structuring of procurement. This enable our clients negotiate better when engaging in public procurement. We also provide support in case of a dispute surrounding a procurement process.
We offer a range of services which include:
•Advicing on the Legal and regulatory frameworks for public procurement and complex tenders.
•Assistance on preparation of tender documents.
•Negotiation and finalisation of ensuing contracts, and
•Representing clients in litigation arising from procurement processes.

Gitonga Mureithi & Company Advocates has a very active employment practice. We advise employers on complex employment matters, including transitioning of employees, labour management, employment related litigation, drafting employment policies and contracts. Our team provides the legal advice and services necessary to help employers minimize litigation risk through effective workplace strategies and policies. We also advise on employee benefits, relevant work permits for non-residents, legal issues arising from trade unions, and collective bargaining agreements. The Firm also assists employers and employees with advice on the legal regime that governs employment matters in Kenya. We also represent employers and employees in litigation matters.

Mergers and Acquisitions as well as corporate restructuring are strong features in the corporate environment. Businesses are looking for solutions that will help them to achieve their commercial objectives of expansion and reinventing their businesses.
Gitonga Mureithi & Company Advocates offers the services in the context of mergers and acquisitions:
•Advising on compliance with all legal formalities.
•Obtaining regulatory approvals.
•Due diligence.
•Preparation and negotiation of transaction documents.
•Tax implication advise.

Gitonga Mureithi & Company Advocates has experience in all aspects of land law and property transactions in Kenya which include structuring of complex development projects, assisting in the purchase of a new homes and commercial buildings. We negotiate on behalf of our clients; prepare relevant documentation and completing all aspects of property transactions.
We have been involved in all areas of real estate transations, including:
•Real estate development.
•Owners and tenants of commercial and residential buildings.

Gitonga Mureithi & Company Advocates advise clients on all aspects of the creation, exploitation and enforcement of intellectual property rights in Kenya. Owners of intellectual property are granted certain exclusive rights to a variety of intangible assets such as thoughts, ideas and innovations.
Gitonga Mureithi & Company offers services to our clients on matters relating to:-
• Trademarks.
• Copyrights.
• Patents.
• Designs.
• Domain Names.
• Industrial Designs.

Gitonga Mureithi & Company Advocates offers qualitative dispute resolution services. This is so because the dispute resolution in Kenya has shifted and parties are most interested with finding the most efficient way of conflict resolution thus efficiently managing time and costs. We have a strong Dispute Resolution team with the experience and skills necessary to effectively manage conflict and risk. We offer commercial dispute resolution services specifically:
•Arbitration, both domestic and international.
•Bank litigation.
•Constitutional & Human rights cases.
•Judicial Review.
•Election Petitions.
•Environmental litigation.
•Insolvency and debt recovery.
•Intellectual property.
•Labour and employment disputes.
•Medical malpractice.
•Pensions litigation.
•Property disputes.

Gitonga Mureithi & Company Advocates has vast experience and knowledge on the different areas of family and domestic law issues.
This include:
•Estate Management
•Divorce or separation proceedings
•Division of Matrimonial property
•Succession/ Inheritance
•Custody of children
•Child support

The firm provides a wide range of estate planning, establishments of trusts drafting wills and administration services in Kenya. Our lawyers advice on probate, tax and estate planning matters and work together to ensure your plan will achieve your specific goals and objectives.

Gitonga Mureithi & Company Advocates has vast experience in personal injury matter. We offer news and advice for personal injury practitioners, including litigation arising from workplace accidents, motor accidents, abuse claims, industrial disease and corporate negligence.